Rest. In. Peace. Montcourt :(

You won't be forgotten

You won't be forgotten

I guess you have heard.  Montcourt has died, i didn’t really know him but when i saw the photos.  Woahh!

His girlfriend found him dead in a staircase (apparently) He was suspended for placing bets on tennis matches which was in effect on Monday.  Said to have died from natural causes, but no one actually knows the truth behind all of this!  Sounds a bit strange, ‘died of natural causes’ when he was only 24!  But, ATP have posted that he apparently died of pulmonary embolism but an autopsy will be carried out soon.

Whatever it was he will be missed!

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  1. 1

    Regina said,

    aw how sad

  2. 3

    Courtney J said,

    Although I didn’t really know of him this story still made me tear up. Its terrible that anyone so young had to loose their life. I wish I could have had the chance to see him play. Reading online he seems like a great guy. I feel so bad for his girlfriend, family members, and friends. RIP!

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