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Masha Love; Dedicated to Hermi_Freak :)

As i watched the live stream of the Masha/Kleybs match i was talking to this one girl on the free chat on the side and i was telling her about my tennis blog.Β  I sent her the link and she said, “Why no Masha love?” So, i agreed if she served out the match *5-2 I would make an article entitled Masha Love dedicated to Hermi_freak! πŸ™‚

mashalove9Masha played a solid match today after the first set where she regrouped to take the next two sets 6-2 6-2 πŸ™‚

mashalove7Her full service motion is back and it was there mostly all of the time. It came at crucial moments and did a number of aces.


Kleybs did was owning Masha for the first set then the momentum switched cos the crowd wanted to see a third set πŸ™‚

mashalove1Well done Maria, You deserved it!

mashalove2She will meet Iveta Benesova in the quarterfinals πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed this post everyone and especially Hermi_Freak aka Anna πŸ™‚

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