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Venus goes organic with her 100% organic Cotton shirt!



I want one, Who wants one?

Q & A With Vee: What was your inspiration for the design of the shirt? How did you come up with it?

Venus Williams: The inspiration was just trying to find the connection between tennis and green. So the inspiration behind the shirt was kind of a tennis fruit tree. That kind of met the two connections and the messaging behind it — if you love the planet and you love people, you will do your best to conserve. That is where it all ties in. With your design and tennis talent, it seems you were a natural fit for this project. What was your reaction to hearing about it?

Venus Williams: I love a design challenge. There was not a lot of time, and I was actually heading to a tournament, so it took me about a week to really get my ideas together between the matches. I was in Stanford, Calif., part of the Olympus US Open Series, and just before I flew out there I got the call, β€˜Let’s do a t-shirt.’ It was exciting, and I was very relieved when all of the designs got done. How did you feel when you saw the finished shirt?

Venus Williams: Of course, I was happy to see it in completion. It was kind of hard to decide quickly on designs and colors. I like to sit on things, but that is not always possible. Why is it so important to be promoting the Green Initiatives at the US Open?

Venus Williams: This is a huge tournament. It is the biggest sporting event in the United States. What better opportunity to let people know and let people be more aware that the top athletes are concerned about the environment and they should be, too!


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