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The BIG Split

It has been announced yesterday that former tennis player, Chris Evert has parted ways with Australian Golfer, Greg Norman after just 15 months of married life together.

chris-evert-greg-norman-062808A statement from both stated that they still want to be friends and support each other and their families.Β  The popular couple were most recently spotted at the US Open and also the British Open.

Nothing much to say here, although i didn’t really see that coming but oh well.Β  Life shall go on.

What are your thoughts on the split?Β  Will we see another tennis player and golfer split soon?

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Masha Love; Dedicated to Hermi_Freak :)

As i watched the live stream of the Masha/Kleybs match i was talking to this one girl on the free chat on the side and i was telling her about my tennis blog.Β  I sent her the link and she said, “Why no Masha love?” So, i agreed if she served out the match *5-2 I would make an article entitled Masha Love dedicated to Hermi_freak! πŸ™‚

mashalove9Masha played a solid match today after the first set where she regrouped to take the next two sets 6-2 6-2 πŸ™‚

mashalove7Her full service motion is back and it was there mostly all of the time. It came at crucial moments and did a number of aces.


Kleybs did was owning Masha for the first set then the momentum switched cos the crowd wanted to see a third set πŸ™‚

mashalove1Well done Maria, You deserved it!

mashalove2She will meet Iveta Benesova in the quarterfinals πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed this post everyone and especially Hermi_Freak aka Anna πŸ™‚

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Tennis fans note:


The Clijsters-Williams match will start at approximately 8pm in Arthur Ashe stadium, as soon as weather permits.

The Wickmayer-Wozniacki match will now be played in Louis Armstrong stadium as soon as weather permits.


Goddammit i wish they would get a roof or something…

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No matches were played today as heavy rainfall drenched the courts.Β  I think this will teach the players a lesson as to stop saying they don’t need a frickening roof.Β 


I got up at 4am to watch it to be pissed off and waited till 6 for 30minute updates.Β  I was ecstatic the night before as i was briefly looking at was on my free to air channels (don’ t have fox 😦 boo) to see the tennis.Β  They kept showing live cross backs to Flushing Meadows and Ashe looked like a swimming pool (literally)

us5So yer. It is screwed up and they kept on saying they may play the Gonzo/Rafa match until they decided it was never going to stop so here are todays drenched and blow dryed out photos. Lol.


The players practiced on indoor courts as the rain kept on coming.


Aweee and the warm fuzzy feeling comes back. πŸ™‚


The belgian 19-year-old with another hear warming story. Her mum died when she was 9 and she convinced her dad to pack up and head the the americas.Β  πŸ™‚


Kim and Brian. πŸ™‚Β 

In the player lounge chatting and relaxing. Been here since 10 and they’re still hoping we’ll play. Rain’s pretty constant though!


Β Β Β Β Boots made an appearance too!
Around the grounds…

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It hasn’t even started but I am already lovin’ it!

Never, Jo, Never put your shirt back on

Never, Jo, Never put your shirt back on

The players were hitting during the week and here a few to wrap it up:


Please Andy, Please twist an ankle or something
Please Andy, Please twist an ankle or something






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ReRe signs up for Doha..


Just another god damn tournament she will throw away…


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Coolness in Cincy

Awesome things happened in Cincy as well as Montreal so here goes:

  • Kim made her return FINALLY!
  • Ana Rere and Vee got out woo!
  • And other awesome stuff too!

Dinara Safina Defeated Kim Clijsters 6-2Β  Β 7-5


YAY fro dina and NOOOOOOOOOOOO for Kim.Β  I have so enjoyed watching her and her comeback it has been awesome!Β 


Β So it was an All Safina first set until Kim re grouped and made a small comeback.Β  Dina’s shit serve got the best of her and Kim raced to a 4-2 lead!Β  But Dina broke back.Β  I think it was because of Dina’s pace of the ball and strength and placement of shots that got Kim today.


Will be an interesting match next time they meet when Kim will have re grouped and know her weaknesses and target them!



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