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It started raining/drizzling after the Rafa/Gonzo match.  But apparently, they are drying off the courts now but it is still a very light drizzle so hopefully the women’s first semi final will be able to get underway.


Meanwhile, Kim-C uploaded a few photos from her website, <<If you wanna check them all out.


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Coolness in Cincy

Awesome things happened in Cincy as well as Montreal so here goes:

  • Kim made her return FINALLY!
  • Ana Rere and Vee got out woo!
  • And other awesome stuff too!

Dinara Safina Defeated Kim Clijsters 6-2   7-5


YAY fro dina and NOOOOOOOOOOOO for Kim.  I have so enjoyed watching her and her comeback it has been awesome! 


 So it was an All Safina first set until Kim re grouped and made a small comeback.  Dina’s shit serve got the best of her and Kim raced to a 4-2 lead!  But Dina broke back.  I think it was because of Dina’s pace of the ball and strength and placement of shots that got Kim today.


Will be an interesting match next time they meet when Kim will have re grouped and know her weaknesses and target them!



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