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Remembering Montcourt…


montcourtmemorial1Montcourt was layed to rest today…or should i say cremated at a family service and then a memorial service in Suzanne Lenglen… Tsonga and Monfils made an appearance and Tsonga made a moving tribute to Montcourt..


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Rest. In. Peace. Montcourt :(

You won't be forgotten

You won't be forgotten

I guess you have heard.  Montcourt has died, i didn’t really know him but when i saw the photos.  Woahh!

His girlfriend found him dead in a staircase (apparently) He was suspended for placing bets on tennis matches which was in effect on Monday.  Said to have died from natural causes, but no one actually knows the truth behind all of this!  Sounds a bit strange, ‘died of natural causes’ when he was only 24!  But, ATP have posted that he apparently died of pulmonary embolism but an autopsy will be carried out soon.

Whatever it was he will be missed!

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